Osrs Max Main Rentals

Cheap Hourly Rates

3m Rental fee+3m Deposit(refundable)

5m Rental fee+3m Deposit(refundable)

9m Rental fee+3m Deposit(refundable)

12m Rental fee+3m Deposit(refundable)

Stats: 99 Attack, 99 Strength, 99 Defence & 99 Hitpoints

Items: Abyssal Tentacle Whip and a Dragon Dagger p++

Account Status: Safe, Secure and 100% Handmade

Just simply click the button below for how long you want to rent an account : 

How to Rent Stakers?


  • Please choose the time you'd like to rent a staker for.
  • After choosing the time, Please pay the rental fee with a deposit fee to our respective live chat agent.
  • After Payment, you'll have the account details. Happy Staking!

T&C for Osrs Max Main Rentals

  • You are required to pay a 3m security deposit for Osrs Max Main Rental. So If you follow the TOS 3m deposit fee will be returned.
  • There will be no refunds and you are paying for a set amount of time whether you choose to utilize the full-time period or not is up to you.
  • Once the details are sent your time will start and you'll not get any extra time.
  • If there is some issue in osrs max main, So please report it to the livechat within 5 minutes of your starting time.
  • No breaking of any of Runescape’s in-game rules while using the account. This includes scamming, swearing, macroing, DDosing, Bug Abusing, and RWTing.
  • No streaming or commission staking is allowed on the osrs staking account, not even 0%.
  • Your 3m deposit will not be returned if you don't claim it within an hour.
  • You will not take any items and other stuff from the osrs staking account.
  • Do not share your max main account details because we will not be responsible if you share details with anyone.
  • If the account is disabled during your session, so we are not liable to refund you any lost gold or any lost time.
  • Do not change the oldschool account display name.
  • You are to remain within world 302 Duel Arena at all times while using the account.
  • Keep the private chat always ON and don't leave live chat during your rental time.
  • Check the whip counts/DDS before you go in the fight because we are NOT responsible if it breaks in between or there is something missing.
IMPORTANT: All communication is done via the live support chat only. We will NOT contact you in-game for whatever purpose. Stay safe!

Why Rent Osrs Max Main From Rscappers

After the success of Runescape Gold Swapping service, Rscappers launched Osrs Maxed Main Rentals services as well. We provide the accounts at cheap rates and with complete stats. Max Main rentals account equipped with an abyssal tentacle whip and a dragon dagger. Moreover, If you’re hesitant while using our maxed main rental services so, don’t worry because your account details will only be shared with you. There will be no waiting time because we got multiple accounts. So, Just join the live chat and make a bank with our accounts.

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