Gold Swapping

How to Swap RS3 and OSRS Gold Safely

Gold Swapping in Runescape began in early 2013 when Jagex released Old School Runescape, dividing the community in half and creating a barrier between the two games. All of the hard work that was put into Runescape 3 is now forgotten, and the player has to start from scratch. 

Well, not really.

Swapping your gold means you can swap your wealth from RS3 to OSRS or OSRS to RS3. The only way to safely swap is to use trusted services, such as, where swapping has been performed daily for over 2 years. Ignore the thousands upon thousands of scammers and annoying chatbots, flooding the GE and various other areas ingame that lead you to virus-filled websites. On a good day, you’d just get scammed for all of your money, and on a bad day, you’ll find yourself with keyloggers installed on your computer. Stick to the reputable services and you won’t have to worry about that ever again.

RS3 OSRS Gold Swapping Process

Let a service such as know how much gold you are looking to swap and from which server. You will get the current swap rates. Agree to the price and you will get the designated location in-game where the trade will be completed. We always confirm that we are indeed swapping with the right person, as imposters can pretend to be either the swapper or the player to steal the gold. This happens frequently on the less professional services. 

Is Runescape Gold Swapping Legal ?

Now, for the important question. What’s the ban rate? Will you get banned? What’s the risk you’re taking?

Jagex has completely allowed the swapping of rs3 or osrs gold from one server to another. Many people have this misconception of gold swap rules and link it to RWT, however we are NOT real world trading. We are not trading any items from the real world to the ingame world. You will never get your account banned for swapping gold, under any circumstances. 

On Twitter, Mod Tyran posted  “Just to clarify on this; swapping isn’t against the rules, swapping with *anyone* is done at your own risk. Some sites do also sell/buy gold and the accounts they use to swap can also be involved in RWT so it’s something to be wary of.”

Rest assured, our services do not use accounts used or involved in Real World Trading, so your account is, and always will be, safe.

Looking to rent maxed main staker ?

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