Frequently Asked

Here are some frequently asked questions your were looking for to ease you out from some misconceptions.


How do i buy RS GOLD?

  • Choose how much you wants to buy and which gold.
  • Goto live chat our agents are 24/7 online.
  • Send Payment,show screenshots to our agent in livechat and get the gold in game .

What is your Refund Policy?

If we unable to deliver your order within 15-20 minutes,So you can always ask for a refund without any hesitation.

How to sell rs gold ?

if you are agree with rates then simply goto 24/7 livechat and ask for your payment method.
Trade gold ingame and take screenshots for proof.
Provide your payment details like btc address or paypal email etc.
Agent will pay in 5 mins.
Note : Rates are highly negotiable.


Still have any question?

Just ask us in the live chat we will give the most appropriate answer. Thank You


will i need to upload my Id ?

NO ! you dont need to upload your id anymore.


What payment methods we are accepting ?

Western Union



How do I know you guys are safe?

We are new and fresh in the Rs Market but once you have to test our legacy, also you can see the feedbacks of our clients. You can always try a small transaction first to ease your trust issues and see how the process goes.

What are chances that I will get banned?

The chances of getting banned is very small it happens only in very rare cases.if you wants to get rid of getting banned please do the transaction asap, don’t talk in game and add junks items.Accounts can only gets banned when you use illegal methods of buying and power leveling the accounts.

What We Can Do For You

We are always there for you if you want to sell, swap, buy or sell your Runescape gold. After all if you have any further queries you can contact us or you can send us a message that would be so kind of you.

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